This Copywriter Can’t Draw

Nikhil Rajagopalan tried his best to break into the ad industry, but his career pivot in early 2023 seemed to come at one of the worst job markets ever. Nikhil made the conclusion that his strong suit is writing, not art direction.


To ram that point home, and help others in the process, he put his own lines on badly drawn sketches of famous print ads to say “Hey y’all creative directors, I can’t draw, but I sure as hell can write!”

One thing led to another, and a collection of sketches became an e-book, with an actual Canadian ISBN barcode and all… and he sold 22 copies and raised 280 CAD which he donated to Food Banks Canada.

Nikhil still hasn’t found a fulltime role in Canada, but he’s made incredible progress freelancing across the border in the US– through contacts who bought his book.

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