Space Oddity – The Film

On July 11th, 1969, “Space Oddity”, one of the most remarkable songs of modern times was released. Exactly 50 years later, July 11th 2019, this short film was created to pay tribute to David Bowie and his iconic song. We edited hundreds of hours of NASA footage to bring you our take on Major Tom’s tragic story.

This project is important to me because not only allows me to pay a tribute to this great musician but also shows me that I can achieve a great cinematic narrative with zero budget and without big productions. It’s scrappy without jeopardizing the result.


A friend director Linda Notelovitz had shot this little film footage in South Africa and approached me here in NYC to edit this piece remotely.

Sad Man Meals

Loosely based on my divorce and move to New York City, this is a tale of lost love and filling the void with delicious food. This project helped me move on, and laugh at my sorrows.