Talk to a Creative Director

“Talk To A Creative Director is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s a platform where people who are trying to make their way in a creative industry can talk – for free – with a Creative Director who can review their work, give them pointers, answer questions or just, you know, hang out. I say “almost exactly” because you can also talk to creative recruiters and strategists but that didn’t fit in the name. 

Talk To A Creative Director is for everyone: writers, designers, art directors, photographers, directors, gorillas who have mastered sign language and many more. Maybe you’ve spent 1,000 years working in a creative industry and just want to network. Maybe you’re a junior who wants a portfolio review. Maybe you’re not in a creative industry at all but kinda want to be. Click or tap your way here. It’s all good. It’s all free. It’s all chill.” 

– Louis Witting, Founder