Three genre-defying singles that explore cultural identity, desire, the high stakes of vulnerability, and whatever else you take away from them since art is subjective. Across these tracks I wrote lyrics & melodies, tracked drums, and arranged. Featured in AltNubian, Lyrical Lemonade, Soul Conversations Radio, Written Records, and more.

“Whether you listen for the classic hip hop drum beat, or for the poetry of the lyrics, it’s definitely a must listen for anybody who loves R&B, Soul, or Indie Pop.”
— Written Records

“…Lyrical mastery. The entire song is truly just a vibe and an exciting piece to listen to. Once you turn it on, you won’t want to stop playing it.”
— Lyrical Lemonade

“Marks seems to be working harder with her pen too – her lyrics are cleverly metaphorical, and beautifully curated.”
— Written Records

A little backstory for ya:
I was a musician way before I was an ad creative.
It’s one of those things I’ve just gotta do, or I lose myself.

That’s probably why I hopped on a train one night after a shoot wrapped and headed to an upstate music retreat to meet Sophie Marks. We wrote and recorded until 5am-ish in a remote cabin studio, then I hopped on a 5:30am train to make it back to the city for the edit.

Is that a side project? Or a sandwich?

Anyways, the result of that sesh was our track River, and many more as we continued to write together at various NYC studios, through zoom, and around the tumultuous schedule-destroyer that is advertising.

These three singles are part of a completed & forthcoming album, and Sophie and I are already working on the next one.