Pyle of Memories, The Book

In 2021, I submitted 3 sample chapters to The Side Show just to test if my short stories would resonate outside of my inner circle. I burst into tears when I learned they won Gold in the Writing Category. I have the video to prove it! This honor gave me the confidence to keep pushing and start asking the best storytellers I know to write memories of their own (see list of contributors below). Within 3 days of launching the finished book, on September 22, 2023, it shot up the Amazon Best Seller list in the humor category among titles by Tina Fey, Nick Offerman and Bill Bryson. And in its first month, it made more than $3000 for dementia research. Just wow.


When I submitted my first entry to The Side Show 2 years ago, I mentioned in my synopsis that I hoped to submit the full book in the Social Good category the following year. I’m only a year late. But I’m still full of hope that this book will actually put a dent in dementia.

Contributing Authors (in alphabetical order by last name)


Brian Bacino, Writer, Chief Creative Officer and Commercial Director.

Rob Baker, Writer and Co-Founder of Baker & Bonner Creative Emporium.

Dustin Ballard, Writer and Creator of TikTok’s famous “There I Ruined It” music series.

Jamie Barrett, Writer, Executive Creative Director and Founder of Barrett Hofherr.

Alexis Bingham, Writer, Associate Creative Director and Dog Foster.

Michael Burbo, Writer and Musician.

Kate Catalinac, Writer and Creative Director.

Greg Christensen, Writer and Group Creative Director.

Andy Coulston, Art Director and Group Creative Director.

Cameron Day, Author of the “The Advertising Survival Guide” trilogy, including “Chew With Your Mind Open,” “Spittin’ Chiclets,” and “Sticks and Stones.”

Suzanne Finnamore, Bestselling Author of “Split,” “Crush,” “Otherwise Engaged,” “The Zygote Chronicles,” and the upcoming book, “My Disappearing Mother: A Memoir of Magic and Loss in the Country of Dementia.”

Michael Folino, Freelance Writer and Creative Director.

Debra Fried, Author of the popular blog, “Ruffle” and Freelance Creative Director.

Jeff Goodby, Writer, Artist, Director, Musician and Co-Chairman of Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Gerry Graf, Writer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of SlapGlobal.

Brandon Harper, Essay Writer and Student Athlete at the University of Oklahoma.

Ty Hutchinson, Bestselling Author of two international crime thriller collections, the “Abby Kane” series and the “Sei” series.

Thomas Kemeny, Author of “Junior: Writing Your Way Ahead in Advertising” and Freelance Creative Director.

Kenny Lee, Author of “We, But Me. A Book for Twins” and Creative Director.

Miles Nored, Writer and Medical Marvel.

Susan Otis, Family Raconteur and Retired Small Business Owner.

Allison Pyle, Proofreader and “Reader’s Digest” Contributor.

Eric Pyle, Author of “Alice and the Magic Marker” and Software Developer.

Lesly Pyle, Writer, Associate Creative Director and Creator of the “Pyle of Memories” book and social media series.

Mark Radcliffe, Writer, Creative Director and Musician.

Ethan Rios, Writer and Freelance Photographer.

Russell Rowland, Author of 5 novels, including “Cold Country,” and “In Open Spaces,” as well as the non-fiction narrative, “56 Counties.”

Rich Siegel, Author of “Round Seventeen & 1/2” and Freelance Writer.

Jon Soto, Art Director and Freelance Creative Director.

Matt Stiker, Author of the blog “What’s Next > What’s Now.”

Luke Sullivan, Author of “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” and “Thirty Rooms to Hide In: Insanity, Addiction and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic.”

George Tannenbaum, Author of “Ad Aged,” a Business Insider “Most Influential” blog.

Laura Tannenbaum, Writer and Freelance Creative Director.

Julia Tucker, Author of “Fringe Benefits” and “Old Poison.”

Suzy Watson, Writer, Educator, Producer and Pet Lover.

Jack Westerholt, Writer, Creative Director, Yogi and Mindfulness Coach.