Old Dude Skate Crew

As a creative/artist I feel most alive when I’m lost somewhere between my right brain and a cup of coffee. Thats the space where I can be completely free. Drifting from one thought to the next. Not worried about anyones opinion or client feedback or budgetary constraints. I can just be me. Creative.

But 6 1/2 months into this pandemic just like everyone else in this world I was feeling anxious, uninspired and tired of watching Netflix. I was struggling to find motivation to do my own art after those 12 hour work days. I was craving something new. So like most, I went on twitter.

I saw this tweet that said “I get tired of “40 under” lists. Show me someone who got their PhD at 60 after losing everything. Give me a 70 year old novelist who writes from a lifetime of love and grief. Give me calloused hand and tender hearts.”

After reading that tweet I was so inspired that I got up the next day at 6am, pandemic in full effect. Dusted off my skateboard and headed to the skatepark one early Thursday morning. Its been 15 years since I’ve really gone skating. Here I am thinking there’s no way in hell anyone would see these old bones rattling through the park at 8am but, then, 20 min later 4 strangers showed up. Similar ages. Similar story. Similar passions. We hit it off instantly.

The funny thing about this encounter was none of us had new gear. Every local skate shop, every skate site was sold out due to the fact that everyone and their mother bought every piece of outdoor sporting equipment they could find to pass the time. Our decks were old. The grip tape on our boards were torn and tattered, and our clothes, well…lets just say it looked like we’d never done this before.

2 Hours later a txt chain was created called Old Dude Skate Crew and the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. We were all equally frustrated that there wasn’t any cool gear for our age group. Something that championed us. The spectrum from Vans to Supreme is dope and all but, nothing in between for us old dudes that still represent.

After the family went to bed I opened my iPad at 10pm and started drawing. I couldn’t stop. By 3am I had an idea and a logo. ODSC (Old Dude Skate Crew) would be a lifestyle brand made from high-quality products, with a focus on craftsmanship. Gear for the old dude generation. The ones that still hustle, the ones that still thrash and for the ones that will never give up skating.

This idea, the products, the designs are an expression of my artistic sensibility, my art, how I look at fashion and skate culture. It’s a cross between the 90’s skate scene with a gritty urban aesthetic.

For the next week and a half I designed 13 skateboard decks, 12 pieces of apparel and 4 accessories.

Over the past month ODSC has had a limited run of products online. Building the brand via word of mouth on instagram. ODSC is expected to debut in some local skate shops by EOY.

ODSC is a passion/side project of mine. All for the love I have of skating. All because I was inspired. And because this 40 year old believes it’s never too late to start having fun.