Movie Posters Perfected

I thought it’d be a fun side project to turn an unused TV into a digital movie poster display. So I figured out the best way to mount a TV vertically and connect it to a cloud-based library to display my collection of movie posters.


I was really pleased with the result and thought other movie fans might be interested in a similar setup, so I wrote up a comprehensive DIY guide to help anyone make their own—for any budget.

I also assembled a curated library of over 3,500 high-definition (4K) movie posters based on my own film collection, and (as an art director by trade) I retouched many of the classic film posters to remove dust, scratches, and other imperfections.

As an art director, I care a lot about image quality, and because I was using an OLED display for my setup, I adjusted the contrast levels of every single poster to have “perfect blacks” for OLED screens—which also look amazing on LED TVs.

I decided to make the library of posters available as well (which I do ask a few bucks for to help offset hosting costs), but you can run any content you’d like on your own setup.

My favorite part of the project is that the library is cloud-based. So whenever I add a new poster to my collection, it automatically appears on everyone else’s display within a few minutes—so you never have to think about or take the time to add new posters yourself.

I made a website to host the project and called it Movie Posters Perfected. Hopefully this is something fellow movie fans will love to use to bring a little bit of the magic of movie theaters home.