Have a break from Mansplaining

Gender inequality can be spotted in culture, tradition and language. A Pakistani copywriter and an Indian art director, working in Germany, got thinking when they heard someone say, “Ich brauche die Männerwerkzeug, I need the men’s tools” or, “Das ist ein Männerarbeit, This is men’s work”. The two later found out an exhaustive list of similar words, all shining examples of Mansplaining. The words were in such abundance that one needed a break while reading them out – that’s when the idea was born. Have a break from Mansplaining. And a self-funded initiative/campaign was rolled out on International Women’s Day.

The objective was simple, bring attention to German words reeking of mansplaining and discourage their use. How? By questioning the logic behind these words because there is no such thing as men’s work, there’s only work. There’s no men’s sport, fever or vehicle either.