Creative Director Dice

Creative Director Dice (or die, as the case may be) are the world’s first tactical feedback generators that offer creative direction in real time. When presented with an idea, simply roll the die and tell the team what it says. The feedback always applies! That’s because Creative Director Dice feature real critiques given by overworked and incompetent creative directors just like you.


Each idea is pointed enough to be actionable but vague enough to apply to any idea. Is it good feedback? No. But you don’t have time to give good feedback. You’re double booked in resourcing meetings all day and people keep asking you questions you don’t know the answer to, effectively leaving you with no mental space to even think about the work, let alone meaningfully contribute to it. So don’t exert too much effort trying to guide the work on your own. With a Creative Director Die in your hand, your next trip to Cannes is just a roll away.