Apocalipstick: The Podcast At The End Of The World

Apocalipstick: The Podcast At The End Of The World was started in Mumbai by Namaah Kumar and Nisha Vasudevan during India’s long lockdown of 2020. The world was ending, and they needed to find a place to put their feelings – and so, this podcast was born.

It is set in a distant future where every apocalypse ever possible has already taken place. As the intro says, “How do YOU think the world ended? Climate change? Virus outbreak? Nuclear War? AI uprising? A good old biblical armageddon?What if we told you it was… all of the above?” This dystopia is governed over by a faction called The Quiet People, who allow no conversation and no noise to be emitted. In this environment, renegade podcasters Berry Blast (a plant person) and Cherry Bomb (an anti-ambitionist) begin to broadcast their journey.

Episode 0 of the podcast is a short film called Smartbot. You can view it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBIWMocgxuY/