Student Advertising Competition

Student Competition Student Advertising Competition I was first introduced to racism in elementary school when I told my dad that I was labeled Asian on my Star Test(Formally known as Taks Test). My dad’s initial reaction was anger. He went up to my elementary school and demanded that my current race classification be changed from […]

To be honest

Student Competition To be honest With the increasing exposure to social media, Millennials are more interested on other contents tan books. That is why we want to enhance their reading experience in a clever way. To be honest, nobody reads the terms and conditions that appear on apps and web pages. So, what if we […]

Work From Home Water Cooler

Being pushed out of the physical agency changed a lot about the advertising world, and the hardest change to replicate from home is the disappearance of those little conversations that can only happen in-person. The Work From Home Water Cooler aims to bring back those social moments in the most true-to-life way possible, while taking advantage of the freeing aspects of working from home. With the WFH Water Cooler, creatives can once again get some quick inspiration, get a brief distraction, or let off some steam, just like they used to.