Student Competition

Student Advertising Competition

I was first introduced to racism in elementary school when I told my dad that I was labeled Asian on my Star Test(Formally known as Taks Test). My dad’s initial reaction was anger. He went up to my elementary school and demanded that my current race classification be changed from Asian to White. Later on that night, I learned from my mom that I was half Asian and half White. I felt divided among my family and who I was.

My thought process during the project:

Great advertising scares you by slapping you in the face. I thought about how can I create something different that would turn heads and pull on heartstrings while making a statement. I remember a conversation I had with my stepfather, who was a certified therapy dog trainer. My stepfather told me how dark-furred pets are statistically chosen after the light-furred pets at animal shelters. That is why he decided on a black-furred dog and cat over a light-furred. Statistically speaking they were more likely to be euthanized.