The (New) Side Show

Welcome, Welcome Welcome (back)! After a long delay, The Side Show has returned. So what happened and what’s new? Let’s get into it.

Things you should accept to be amazing

An insignificant so-and-so humbly presents: A bullet list of opinions that can help turn good advertising creatives into amazing advertising creatives.

Family Matters

When I’m not working I get anxious. It’s one of the reasons I hate freelance. And as my wife eased into her third trimester my last gig ended and I knew what the market looked like.

The Creative Kitchen

I learned more about how creative teams should be run from watching shows about restaurants than I have from working in most ad agencies.

Escape while you can?

It’s not just you. Everyone, if not most folks, are looking for an escape route out of the ad game. At least the ones I’ve spoken with.

Not All that Freelances is Glamour

Stop glamorizing being a freelancer. It’s not for everyone. Nothing is wrong with you for not wanting it.  Like everything in life, there’s high highs and low lows.

Finding Your Home

Over the last 10 years I’ve learned there are three questions I need answered for myself when I look for full-time work.

I got let go, so I let go

Like the millions of others on this platform, my job was affected. My time spent at BBDO NY was nothing short of phenomenal.