Read Random Shit

Originally published on LinkedIn in August, 2020.

Quick tip to junior creatives that I wish I’d been told in ad school: read about random shit… like constantly.

Your value as a creative is how many new ideas you can bring to the table at any given moment. The more you read about and/or experience different ideas/viewpoints/perspectives the more likely you are to think of something new and exciting.

If creativity is taking two or more things that exist and finding a new and interesting way to connect them, the more input you have the more output options you’ll have.

It’s pretty simple.

Personally, I love reading about current events and tech. The two usually pair together well since you can figure out how to connect different tech innovations with things that are going on in the world.

Combine that with a product in a way that makes sense and you’ve got a pretty potent combo.

Also, reading about ads doesn’t count unless you just want to make stuff that looks like things people are already doing (not to say you shouldn’t keep up with that). Just don’t make it the only thing.

– Josh D. Weiss is a Co-Founder of The Side Show and Freelance Associate Creative Director

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