How to Make Spec Work

“Scenario: you’re seeking your first internship.

Reality: the job demands experience in the field.

Hold on. Did I just read ‘experience’?”

Well, we all know agencies want creatives with a proven track record. 

Building a portfolio showcasing exceptional work is crucial to stand out and be chosen by a top-notch agency.

However, the challenge arises when trying to showcase impressive projects for prominent clients without prior professional experience. 

This is where “spec work” comes into play.

It’s a fictional work you can add to your portfolio. Besides helping you land a job, it also provides an opportunity for you to showcase your skills, the tools you master, and the potential of your creativity and involvement with a project.

Think like a creative director: 

if this creative came up with an idea on their own and without a budget, imagine what they can do with the brands we have at the agency?

Quite a calling card, huh?”

– L&K