100 Roses From Concrete

The goal of 100 Roses is to be a platform where people of color in the advertising industry can connect, collaborate, and grow together. Too often, people of color in the advertising industry feel like the elephant in the room. So rarely do you see men or women of color in the C-Suite, and those are considered an anomaly. This platform will allow people of color to find strength and community in a space where they are encouraged and inspired by veterans and their peers. 

The network’s purpose is to be a central location for those the least represented in the advertising, marketing media, and public relations to connect with others in the industry. There are many groups for advertising professionals of color, but none like the Roses. We can learn a lot about each other since our journeys are different yet somewhat the same. Having one central hub to network and receive updates on our success and get a little advice from around the world makes it an inspirational and aspirational place for ad folks to be a part of something bigger than advertising itself.”

– 100 Roses From Concrete