Covers of Covers

Judging crappy old sci-fi book covers, I’ll write crappy little short stories based on what I see. I want to get to the root of what kind of storyteller I am, and, hopefully, start to find my voice along the way.


Daniel doesn’t feel like he belongs in New York, he yearns to venture west in search of gold and experience.
Its a shame he is 30 years late to see that dream come true.

Quarantine Flash Fic

Sooo when quarantine hit, I, like so many others, was feeling torn between productivity and loneliness. It was a tricky place to be! Since I wasn’t seeing any of my friends in person and didn’t know what was coming ~next~ for all of us, I came up with an idea to solicit writing prompts from friends and help keep us distracted.

A Cookbook for Millennials

We’re a young creative team in our twenties, and we realized none of our friends can cook. Like at all. So we made a cookbook for millennials, with recipes everyone can understand.