The Legal Burqa

There are countless people infected with the virus of racism, many of them even appearing asymptomatic. In these times where the world is fighting against Covid-19, racism is also heavily under attack from all sides. This resistance piece, touches on the most serious form of racism. De jure racism, which means racism by law. I can hear you thinking. How can law be racist?

The Adorable Tarot

Future reading is very common in Georgia which inspired me to create my own Tarot deck with adorable monster illustrations, because no matter what, the future is always colorful and beautiful.

Quarantine NYC

When COVID hit I felt scared and also the loneliness of the city. I wanted to capture that. I wanted to capture places in the city that are usually filled with people.

Night Emperors

Concept I created in partnership with my friend Orson Roland. He is a Dj (@orson_) and production manager at Le Bain, I am a visual artist. We are both hopeless insomniacs, this is what brought us to highlight what we truly like about nightlife: good people, good music and good places. Especially during these times of social distancing.