Submission Categories

Visual Arts

Photography? Yes! Drawing? Yes! Painting? We’d love to see your paint-n-sip-sip-sip. Any type of visual medium is welcome. Long Island mediums need not apply.

Single or Set (To be judged collectively, 5 pcs max)
JPG’s no larger than (2000px on longest side, 72 dpi, all images total under 10mb. Include a synopsis explaining the theme/connection)


Hit a chord, make our hearts sing & get our bodies to treble with excitement. 

Single song (Recorded or live/SoundCloud or MP3)
Band (Up to 3 entries on SoundCloud, live performance or 3 MP3s total not to exceed 15 minutes)


That docu about docus. That mocku ab out mocktails. That self-made short about selfie selfie sticks. Send us your short, medium, or full-length films that would make your inner James Cameron smile.

Single Film (YouTube, Vimeo. Include a synopsis)

Performance Art

Bedazzle us with your star quality – whether it’s standup, plate-twirling, or your blood-covered-rock-opera-of-Beowulf – we want the experience of you. On stage. Having the guts to do it in front of other people. Think of us as an EGOT but not the kind Whoopi has bc that one is a legit EGOT.

Single Performance (YouTube, Vimeo)
Set of Performances (Connected by theme or branding, will be judged collectively. Include a synopsis explaining the theme/connection)

Social Media (IG, Twitter, Tik Tok)

All about Me Me Meme? Great. Show off your IG, FB, SnapChat, and TikTok game before our president takes them away and we have to go back to eye contact.

Single Account (5 items per entry, can be on same platform or same idea across multiple platforms.
Stills/carousels as jpg’s, videos as YouTube, Vimeo. Include a synopsis.


Can you make us stream tears, laughs, chills, and/or binge just by the sound of your voice? We’re seeking entries with a minimum of 5 published podcasts per category on any major streaming sites. We loved last year’s entries and can’t wait to hear what you’ve got. (Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes need not apply. Enjoy your 90M.)

Podcast Series (Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, direct URLs for your best 3 episodes. Include a synopsis)


Why do the writers go to cabins in the woods?
A: To hear themselves think.
B. So account can’t find them.
C. It’s easier to kill people there. (See B)
D. _____________

No matter what you pick, if D tempted you there’s a good chance we’re gonna want to read what you’ve written. Art directors to bright-eyed nepo-babies to actual copywriters are welcome to enter. Poetry, short stories, novels, and threatening e-mails cc’ing everyone to scour new portfolios in the lounge (WITH SNACKS RN!!!) are welcome. Think you can out-write a copywriter? Prove it.

Single: (PDF of your entry)
Series: (Connected by a theme, concept or part of a regular column. Send us your top 3 as PDFs, as published, Include a synopsis)

Business & Product

Necessity means the mother of invention. So launch your new launch. Get brand recognition with your new brand. Or just show us what’s under your Etsy.

Our only caveat(s): Your business isn’t advertising-related and doesn’t pull in over 10K/yr. May you hit Oprah’s Favorite Things next.

Single Entry (Send us your business website or if you don’t have one, the place where you offer your service/good or even just photos of the product and a write-up about it.)

Social Good

E.T. said it best.. (Be good, Gen Z, he said be good.) What have you created that has stimulated social good? What creation has come with side effects you’re proud of? What takes you back to that one positive elementary school memory? Send us the wholesome stuff that will make even the most jaded of us tear up into our Hermes scarves.

Single Entry (Send us your website or project as a case study. Videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, or upload a presentation deck, 16:9, as a pdf) .

WTF & Other

Self-explanatory. We dare you to scare us with that crazy mind of yours. Anything and we mean anything.

Single Entry (present best way possible, leave instructions, Include a synopsis)