Olas Fuerte

Olas Fuerte® Translated from Spanish meaning Strong Wave, is a Sportswear concept that bridges west coast flavor with an east coast attitude.


Growing up in Brooklyn (now reside in The Bronx) during the 80’s with predominantly latinX and black kids, we dreamed of being BMXers and skaters by learning to pop ollies and jumping homemade ramps in the park of a rough neighborhood. At the time, Southern California’s skate and BMX culture were a big style influence amongst my friends and I. This left an indelible impression on me. I specially was moved by the day glow colors of BMX companies like GT, Dyno, and Redline, along with Vans sneakers, and skaters of the time. We hatched out styles that fit us and our environment.


With Olas Fuerte®, I want to capture that moment in time and expand on this idea. Whether collaborating with other brands or like minds individuals, I want to have a creative platform that can bridge cultures and varied backgrounds together and create the new while taking cues from the past.