Georgia V. Georgia

Which is more democratic: the US State of Georgia or the former Soviet Republic of Georgia?

That’s the question asked by a satirical website created in response to Georgia’s new voting laws.

The website
lays out the facts point by point in a humorous and easily digestible manner.

What we’re trying to do is provoke discussion around the fact that since the 2020 elections in the US 253 bills have been introduced across 43 states seeking to restrict voter access. It’s a conversation that America needs to have with itself. Georgia is just the most prominent.

So, which is more democratic when talking about voting laws? Georgia (the country beside Russia and the birthplace of Stalin) or Georgia (the birthplace of Coca-Cola)?

Which place allows mobile bus voting?

Which place allows people to be given water and food while standing in line?

To answer this and other questions head to and find out for yourself. Diakh!