Alien Inc. – What is Creativity?

In this episode of Alien Inc., we will dive into the world of creativity. This mini-documentary will take you on a journey to think like great minds do to develop outstanding ideas!

This project means a lot to me as I’m never quiet about making videos and creating. I’ve always wanted to start building a consistent video channel. This exciting and different channel idea came to my head as I thought to bring content for those who think they are, or could be more curious – that not knowing the truth about aliens makes us wonder even more! Alien Inc. means to bring out the curiosity from other life in the universe to daily topics.

I had this idea to start a mini-documentary series because I’m fascinated by learning and watching documentaries – every day I watch a TED talk, a docu, or a youtube video.

What made me do it was the right timing of the deadline of The Side Show competition. Now I started something new and will keep this channel going with various exciting topics to inspire people to look out, question, study, and bring creativity to the world.