My Side Project is My Side Chick

Having a side project while you have a full-time job can feel like you’re cheating. We’ll discuss how to balance having a side hustle when you’ve got a full time hustle too. We’ll also talk about the right time to let people know you’ve got a piece on the side. We’ll also ask our panelist about some of the ridiculous lies they’ve to keep their side hustles secret.

Bag of Lies is a podcast that explores our identity, aspirations, and attempts to build community through the lens of the harmless white lies we all tell. It’s hosted by Malika Reid, and Shareina Chandler, and is produced by Rachel Diaz. Malika is an art director passionate about making things look beautiful and telling beautiful lies. Shareina is a copywriter by day, and a liar writer by night. Rachel Diaz is a spicy email account management person and expert zoom prankster. The three are currently employed at Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners, an ad agency based in San Francisco.

1. Inaki Escuderu \\ Curator, Hyper Island
2. Leeya Jackson \\ Art Director, W+K New York
3. Reesa Kashuk \\ Poppy Bagels (Formerly GS&P)