The Book Shop

“No matter whether you decide to have a career as a Copywriter or Art Director, The Book Shop is designed to teach you how to come up with great creative concepts. There are eight classes total in the program (the 6th class in the series is for writers only and the 7th is for Art Directors only and the 8th class is an optional course on Digital/Interactive Creative). Each class runs for a semester that goes for nine weeks (except both Art Direction & Digital are 6 week classes), meeting one night a week, which will be determined depending on our teachers’ schedules (classes are held on a week night Monday-Thursday from 7-10pm, we don’t teach Fridays or weekends). There are four semesters a year: fall (starts mid to late September), winter (starts mid to late January), spring (starts mid April) and summer (starts late June).

If your goal is to finish a portfolio, we advise that you complete the first 5 or 6 classes. Each class is designed to prepare you for the next. So any single class will not be enough to build the kind of portfolio you’ll need to get a job in today’s market.” 

– The Book Shop School for Ads