Pickles & Ice Cream

Straight from the craving of real moms, Pickles and Ice Cream is the ultimate pregnancy cookbook, served with a collection of the craziest things pregnant women crave. Each dish has been painstakingly recreated, tasted and reviewed by us so you don’t have to.

The Student Art Passport

The Student Art Pass allows students access to museums and galleries across the UK for just £5 a year.

On This Corner

Think about a corner in New York where, every time you pass it, you think of the same memory. Maybe it’s where you fell in love with someone, where somebody changed your life, or simply where you had a great slice of pizza at 2:00 AM.

Indoor Recess

In the Spring of 2020, after many internship opportunities ceased to exist due to Covid-19, a cohort of students and recent grads (some who still have yet to meet IRL) decided to create Indoor Recess — a two-week long advertising pitch competition for students stuck indoors instead of interning.