Coat Check

This is a short story that takes a harsh look at the sometimes disheartening and disillusioning realities of young love. After working coat check for a campus charity gala, the story idea struck me like a mallet. I wrote it feverishly over the course of three nights.

One More Dissent

The night of RBG’s death, I was overwhelmed by the range of emotions myself and many others were feeling. With no other recourse, I expressed my anger and fear over what was to come—the nomination of a conservative justice—with a poem dedicated to the life of this groundbreaking woman.

Todd Spaulding, Brand Strategist

I’m a comic who’s been working in advertising since 2012, and Todd Spaulding is a brand strategist character I’ve been working on for a while.

Edible Arrangements For The Vengeful

Just to keep sharp, I write humor pieces on the side. This is a (theoretically) funny piece about the founder of edible arrangments getting back at doubters with malevolently arranged fruit baskets. Edible arrangements are just a very funny concept to me.


Some LinkedIn Influencers have something to say. Many do not. This was an exercise in satire writing that’s rooted in the absurd length some influencers will go to get ~engagement~.


LIBERTY VALLEY is a script for a one-hour TV drama pilot.