John McNulty acting reel

I am submitting my acting reel because aside from family and friends acting means the world to me. It is a passion of mine I have had since I was a little boy. I started late in the game but I am a believer in “Better Late Than Never”! I am so incredibly grateful for my job at Mekanism. At Mekanism they encourage us to use our creativity in every possible way and to always let our weird wings fly! Lol. They even allow me to Roller Skate. ☺️????


I have been creating political cartoons since the 2016 election. Dan Partland, the film director, had seen my work and wanted my style of illustration and animation to set the tone of the film.

I don’t think there is anything more important than to take a long, hard and clear-eyed look at the leadership in the United States right now.

Titanic II: Influencer, Right Ahead!

“Influencing History” is an original comedy series that places famous real-life Influencers in the middle of infamous historical events. It merges the present with the past, creating a unique lens to observe our current social-media-obsessed culture.

Shot aboard The Queen Mary docked in Long Beach, CA, Episode One: A Titanic Following features Travel and Lifestyle personality Max Emerson ‘influencing’ history on the Titanic in 1912. Surely his verified blue checkmark will guarantee him a spot on one of those coveted lifeboats…

This is my first short film. Everything you see I paid for, including the rental of The Queen Mary ship. Am I insane? Maybe. Was it insanely fun? Yes. Written in my Sketch 401 class at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles.


The idea is simple: To explore our world and our relationships with technology and each other through a lens that is at once immediate and intuitive, but also distanced and removed. With the safety of perspective, we can then take a closer look at what it is to be slowly evolving humans surrounded by rapidly evolving technology with greater clarity. In our first season, inspired by Gamergate: Max meets a beautiful girl online, but when the ‘outside’ date goes awry he returns home for a drunken late-night porn binge and discovers a portal to the dark net. Bad things happen.

No Ringo

“No Ringo” was a passion project that was created during the 48 hr Film Festival World Film Competition. It was selected as Top 8 in the world and was therefore selected to be screened at the 2020 Cannes Short Film Corner. This project was, written, shot, edited, mixed, colored and delivered in 48hrs. It’s a true testament to what you can accomplish if you put the right people in place to accomplish a common goal.



Phoebe lives an isolated life in an antique movie palace. When a mysterious woman turns up to hawk fliers for a play, Phoebe is a bug on a pin, instantly caught in her spell. Taking a private trip down the rabbit hole, Phoebe’s longing gives way to dreams, visions and feverous jealousy, culminating in a stunning confession of desire and need for connection.


This project began almost ten years ago.

The initial motivation for this project was the Bechtdel test—my discovery of this particular piece of feminist critique, and my professional desire as a nascent director to create content that passed the test.

I then approached Angela Riccetti, a comedy writer and performer who I already had a working relationship with, and asked her if she had ideas we could develop together.

The LGBTQ elements in this film originate from Angela’s desire to play a character closer to her real life experience vs. my desire to write characters that aren’t just cis/straight/white/male (i.e. me). However, as we worked to develop the story, it eventually became a larger exploration of the concept of lovesickness (AKA “limerence”). We compared our lives and personal histories, found commonalities, and eventually included both of our personal experiences in the final film.
Password: L1m3rencE

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Severance Pay

I and Jade wrote a story about what your retirement will look like without savings. We decided to use a metaphor to show your life is longer than your severance pay. Youri and Joon directed the film.