A fish whose home dried up learns to move on. This film was originally made for an art direction seminar class taken during the pandemic, and speaks to my experience trying to keep going despite everything in the world changing for the worse.

OG Brooklyn

A middle-aged Brooklyn woman has had it up to here with the influx of young blood, none of whom know how to do things right!

I’ve regaled my younger friend Doug of the Brooklyn I knew growing up, and one day we starting exchanging couplets about it over text. (We both perform hip-hop improv & like to freestyle.) We knew after a few exchanges that we had to make a video.

Inappropriate Jokes Well Told

Last year everyone was making commercials about Covid and there we so depressing. I was looking for projects to direct and I reached out to old mentors of mine. Hugo and Dean. They created an amazing short form series and this is the pilot episode.

Vimeo Password: jokes

Gotta Go

A short film about a wormhole in a urinal that is actually about technology fatigue and our difficulty connecting with the world around us.

But also it’s about pee jokes.

Six Feet One Question

6 Feet 1 Question: What do you miss? This is a short doc filmed in San Francisco during the first easing of Covid-19 Shelter-In-Place restrictions. We wanted to know how changes in our daily lives were effecting our neighbors.

Define Normal

I found everyone around me had similar pandemic experiences – we all went to work now we worked from home. The more I kept hearing the same complaints, the harder I found it to relate to what was happening in the news. My world felt narrow. It also didn’t feel like the whole story.

I wanted to talk to people in different industries to see how they felt about this pandemic and how they were navigating it. In doing so, I discovered a way to process it all rather than let it simply pass by me. It made me realize that something as simple as (and as cliche as) hope can carry people through a lot of challenges.