Partnership For A Trump-Free America

The idea for Partnership For A Trump-Free America was born out of the idea that Trump is a danger to democracy like drugs are a danger for kids. The film parodies the original ad to show the unfit role model Trump has bestowed on America and their kids. The social component parodies the Just […]

WeWork Street

After noticing a NYC phone booth with a discarded office chair sitting inside, I was inspired to reach out to Improv Everywhere with a stunt idea. WeWork offices are quickly taking over NYC, so it only made sense for them to expand to the underutilized corners of Manhattan– the city’s phone booths. With this thought […]

Stoop Symphony

Feeling isolated due to Covid-19, cellist Saul Richmond-Rakerd began playing for passerby from his San Francisco stoop. He never expected that he’d inspire a community to come together, but that’s exactly what happened.

I was interested in telling a story about connection, that showed the triumph of creativity in the face of challenge. Saul’s beautiful music inspired me, along with an entire community, to feel optimistic about the hardships we’re all dealing with.


A website created to fill that deep void in our wanderlust hearts by allowing us to look through someone else’s window, somewhere in the world, for a while.


LA, Indie Music Discovery, Flyah Magazine, and others. Written and recorded over the course of several years traveling the country working in advertising, because I have to create to stay alive.

Real Gun Bill

We were outraged at Congress’s continued inaction on gun violence, but we knew irreverent commentary alone wouldn’t drive real change.

Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back is a video series/podcast that gives those who lost their job to COVID19 a platform to sell themselves to new employers in the ad industry.

Canceling The Confederacy

After the senseless killing of George Floyd, my hometown of Richmond, Virginia, former capital of the Confederacy, found itself in the national spotlight with the resurgence of BLM protests and debates over Confederate statues. I’ve long supported the removal of these blatant symbols of white supremacy as they not only uphold the tenets of systematic racism, but give undeserved glory to men who were ultimately traitors to this country.

Supersize Them

Fast food chain’s characters don’t seem to eat fast food. That’s why we ask ourselves: How would they look like if they ate their restaurant’s food?