The Timeless Project

We’re living in the age of female empowerment, which is absolutely awesome…but we’re focusing on generations that you know, us ad people love to talk to. Like anyone below the age of wrinkles? Am I right?

What about the women who also have a voice, who are only catching a tail end of female empowerment movement?

I think it’s time we embrace aging. Especially aging women, who feel ignored by society. I believe that growing old doesn’t mean having to grow in silence. After all, everyone deserves to have their voice heard, no matter their age. #TimelessWomen is a platform that shares the stories and challenges of growing old as a woman. Each story on this platform has its own personal narrative ranging from stories of love to overcoming health obstacles, encountering new friends and adapting to changes over time.

As a woman in advertising, I feel responsible to shine a light onto this blatant problem I’ve experienced since i entered the industry. Elderly women have been forgotten. We never see them on a brief target market, because unless we’re advertising diapers, meds, or anti-aging serums, what’s the point right? wrong.

The Timeless Project aims to spark a conversation about elderly women through storytelling, in order to shift the mindset about an aging generation, so that together we can learn to embrace this phase of our lives….for generations to come.

Some of my Timeless models were featured on CBC right before the pandemic too!