The Bad Podcast

Getting into the ad industry is hard. Like, really hard. Why? Because there’s no “right way” to do it!

After striking up a conversation about how stupid that is on LinkedIn, Amelia and Brian decided they’d try to fix it by interviewing experienced creatives in the industry about their story. They’ve now chatted with incredibly interesting people including David Griner (International Editor at AdWeek), Brooke Strozdas (a CW who wrote a super bowl ad at age 24), and Zoe Scaman (a formidable strategist who created her own damn agency based on what she detests about the industry as it stands).

The Bad Podcast is designed to help young creatives find validation of the nontraditional paths taken into the ad world, as well as provide clarity into the different facets of the industry.

Plus, the hosts learn a lot. Like, they’d still do this even if no one listened, because the gems they’ve been gifted by these creative and strategic powerhouses have been priceless.