Super Trunfo Covid

The pandemic of coronavirus stopped the world and Brazil is one of the most affected by the problem. Then, when the pandemic was very close to completing 150 days in Brazil, our country authorities declare the gradual opening of commerce, even though it is one of the countries most devastated by the disease and being a decision contrary to all the recommendations of science.

Therefore, we created the Super Trunfo Covid project: an Instagram profile displaying information in the cards from the countries most affected by the coronavirus in 150 days after the first case confirmed. From data collected on the official pandemic tool of World Health Organization, fields such as confirmed cases’ and ‘deaths’ are present in the cards, which are compared with the numbers from Brazil.

The goal was to make the population aware of the dimension of the problem in Brazil and in the world, since, for many, the irresponsible decisions of Brazil authorities caused the wrong feeling of back to normality and false control of the situation.

The initiative also had posters that criticize the wrong measures and attitudes taken in these days of Covid-19 in Brazil.