Phoebe lives an isolated life in an antique movie palace. When a mysterious woman turns up to hawk fliers for a play, Phoebe is a bug on a pin, instantly caught in her spell. Taking a private trip down the rabbit hole, Phoebe’s longing gives way to dreams, visions and feverous jealousy, culminating in a stunning confession of desire and need for connection.



This project began almost ten years ago.

The initial motivation for this project was the Bechtdel test—my discovery of this particular piece of feminist critique, and my professional desire as a nascent director to create content that passed the test.

I then approached Angela Riccetti, a comedy writer and performer who I already had a working relationship with, and asked her if she had ideas we could develop together.

The LGBTQ elements in this film originate from Angela’s desire to play a character closer to her real life experience vs. my desire to write characters that aren’t just cis/straight/white/male (i.e. me). However, as we worked to develop the story, it eventually became a larger exploration of the concept of lovesickness (AKA “limerence”). We compared our lives and personal histories, found commonalities, and eventually included both of our personal experiences in the final film.
Password: L1m3rencE