Let’s Be in Paris

Since vaccination started Bulgaria seems to be firmly stuck at the bottom for percentage of people vaccinated (15,5% fully vaccinated at the time of writing). The country is plagued not only by Covid-19 but by anti-vax sentimentality, too.
At the same time, it has one of the highest death rates in the whole world (at the end of August it had the highest mortality rate in the EU).

Informational campaigns and rational approaches clearly cannot reach people.

Meanwhile, at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Bulgaria won gold for the first time in 13 years. Not only one medal, mind, but three.
This meant the world to a small and constantly torn nation that is traditionally united by one thing only – sporting achievements.

We, deeming it our creative duty to help our country and the world overcome this thread, saw this as an opportunity to convince people to give vaccines a chance. We came up with an unconventional emotional approach that taps into Bulgarians’ national pride and love for their country’s sportsmen.

The result is a visual that was shared on social media soon after the closing ceremony in Japan.