Less Waste, Sustainability Magazine

I designed this magazine with the objective of guide people into sustainability and show them how small actions can make a big change.

About the process
I first picked the topic, how to live in a more sustainable way? My objective was to transmit to the audience the knowledge that I learnt in the last 3 years educating myself about sustainability and design. After deciding the topic, I researched a lot, brainstormed an aesthetic and finally made a moodboard in which I defined the visual language, image style, textures, typography, color palette and composition rules. Then I designed thumbnails so I could decide what was the best grid system for the magazine. This allowed me to create a consistent visual style throughout the entire magazine, having a disciplined use of color, typography and composition rules. I picked an aesthetic very different from the one associated with sustainability so I can catch more of the audience’s attention. I decided to make an animated cover for the digital version to augment and enhance the storytelling in an interesting way.

Take a look of the interactive pdf here.

Please check this link to see the complete project.