In Spain There Is No Racism

Spain is different, we all know that. So when the #BlackLivesMatter movement started to kick in in our country all we could hear was “In Spain There Is No Racism” and we were mad. Maaaaad.

But how could we make our close circle realize how racist our language is? We went to the main source: the RAE (the official Spanish dictionary) and we made a video about all the racists meanings of the world black and the expressions that people use every single day without realizing that they’re racists.

This was just a personal project between 3 friends that started because we heard one of our bosses say in a conference call “Y yo quiero un negro que me abanique”, a racist expression that translates literally to “and I want a niger to fan me” meaning something like “yeah, dreaming is free”.

This wasn’t only about creating awareness but also about becoming the generation that changes the racist parts of our language.