@himynameismatthew TikTok account

@himynameismatthew is a TikTok account featuring incredibly unorthodox uses of technology presented in an informative and friendly manner. Technology is often presented as something that is exclusive, kept from those not in the know. But it doesn’t have to be unreachable and boring—you can be creative with it.

@himynameismatthew is a chance to show that technology can be used to make art and can also be art itself. My “Tech Toks” videos have received more than 1 million views.
Applications include using machine learning to generate music, designing a binary keyboard driven by light switches, and pranking friends on the telephone with the curse in the movie The Ring. The latter was even adapted to “The Onion Ring” curse for client A&W.

I started this project to introduce as many people as possible to the intersection of art and technology and to act as a gateway for those who are interested but felt that it wasn’t possible.