Cannabis saved my life. Not literally, but it really helped me get through some very dark times. I’ve grown to appreciate it for more than how it makes you feel, but for how it can help people heal from any number of issues.

Since I started using it, I’ve searched for the cleanest way to consume it and found a company called Dynavap. They produce a dry herb Thermal Extraction Device (TED) that doesn’t burn anything, it only requires a heat-source and air to function. I wanted this to feel like more than just a “weed pipe,” this is a highly intricate device that requires human hands to create and a lot of engineering to design.

Which is why I’ve labeled this Harmony – it’s everything working together that create this experience. It’s how these elements come together making me better and making the experience better.

This illustration represents the organic flow of air and herb with the hard edges and modern design of the device. The style is simple and forces the viewer to focus on the idea, not the details.