Glimpses from a virtual roadtrip

GLIMPSES FROM A VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP is an ongoing painting project, which I started at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this project, I captured the gaze through a virtual window of the Google Street View car and added a layer of surreal narrative to it. Sitting comfortably in the passenger’s seat, which took the form of a sofa in 2020, I started to observe changing panoramas in a virtual journey through the browser window, instead of looking through one in a rented road trip vehicle.

I looked for landscapes which have a combination of ordinary and unexpected elements. Visual details were added in each glimpse from a virtual road trip to emphasise that feeling.

I transformed mundane panoramas into paintings and created a cinematic atmosphere by integrating elements such as neon lights, dusk, non-existing poetic billboards, abandoned household items and distant characters.

My project aims to transform ordinary and mundane elements into extraordinary and picturesque experiences by the use of painting practice and to evoke excitement for everyday life for the audience.

Check it out here.