Financially Naked

Financially Naked follows the journeys of six individuals as they work to overcome student loan, medical, and credit debt. We tackle everything from fixing the pay gap, redlining, robo-investing, freelancing, HSAs, IRAs, and couple’s finance. The webseries broke 1M+ views and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and NYWIFT. Most importantly the show follows the journeys of women, minorities, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQ+ community who are often left out of the narrative of mainstream financial media, and features advice and mentorship from these communities as well, to help foster greater diversity and inclusion in conversations around financial equity.

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As the daughter of a single mother, financial literacy has always been a topic close to my heart. I self-financed my college education and first two companies, and won 3rd place in a global social enterprise competition organized by Societe Generale for my proposal of an online women’s banking network. I’ve produced content for a number of female-led venture capital initiatives including SheWorx and Chloe Capital, and several minority entrepreneurship initiatives including Open For Business Ventures and Re-Entry Ventures, and the “Big Four” accounting firm Deloitte. I launched #GoBeyond in 2018 with the goal of changing the narrative around diversity and inclusion in sci-tech content. As an electrical engineer who was tired of being the only woman in the room and being told I was a unicorn constantly, I decided it was time to showcase more women as authority figures. Then I entered the entrepreneurship world, and realized just how difficult it is to be a female founder and to scale funding and revenue streams. Financially Naked features The Financial Gym, a female led fin-tech startup to help break down these barriers in tech, business, finance and beyond.

Despite launching the day Covid was declared a global pandemic, Financially Naked has screened on four contents and received over a million views. I’ve had hundreds of people write to me thanking me for helping them learn how to negotiate a raise, pay down debt, negotiate medical debt, or open a health savings account. I’m insanely grateful to have had the opportunity to shift the narrative around financial health from one of taboo topics and “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” to one of empathy, transparency, and a community centric approach to financial literacy.