Case Study Jams

Like most agency creatives I know, every Spring finds me scrambling to put together awards show submission videos. Finding the right track is always a thorn. Every time you end up flailing in a sea of random stock music and nothing ever feels right. You really just want to google “perfect case study music.” But that’s not a thing.

So I made it a thing, by creating Case Study Jams: An algorithm-predicted playlist of 400 perfect case study tracks.

Starting in late in 2019 and working through the fated winter of 2020, I watched over 600 advertising case study videos made in the last decade. As I watched, I Shazam’d each video to identify the track in it. Once I’d collected hundreds of those tracks, I fed them into Spotify and used that platform’s algorithms to generate hundreds more tracks that were similar, and collected them all into one master playlist on Spotify ( and YouTube. The playlist made the rounds on Fishbowl and got a lot of attention. Hopefully it’s continuing to make creatives’ lives just a bit easier during awards season.

Now, to complete the circle, I am entering the project for an award.