After The Tone

After The Tone is a voicemail time capsule to record a message for your future self. We describe it as a “time-machine of hope.” People ring a number, leave a message, and they’ll get it back in a year’s time. It is a space for people to check in with themselves while reminding their future-self of the crucial lessons and moments of this insane year (some might even say unprecedented…)

Personally, I’ve probably done more self-reflection and growth this year than several years of therapy. I’ve learned so much from paying attention to my feelings, thoughts, and reactions. In spite of the challenges, there were also some significant personal lessons I hope to carry forward. So I wanted to create a place to remember. I assembled a talented group of friends and now former strangers, and we developed a concept based on the question – what if you could talk to your future-self?

My first and foremost goal with this project is to allow people to pause. To take a step back from the chaos and seek out a silver lining. I believe we are an inherently hopeful species and so, equipped with a phone-number to call the future, I wanted to create something for people to look forward to.

My recommendation? Find a quiet place that’s just yours. Maybe it’s outdoors. Maybe it’s in your bedroom. Maybe you are sprawled out on a couch with a glass of wine. Wherever it may be, take a deep breath in. Pause. Then, exhale. Repeat that a few times. And when you’re ready leave a message after the tone.
???????? +1 332 334 TONE (8663)
???????? +44 (0) 800 020 9622