Adhouse Of Cards


Brought to you by the Adnerds who teach classes at Adhouse Advertising School, Adhouse Of Cards is a deck of 35 cards designed to help you come up with Big Ideas. Each card includes a prompt — a proven technique used by advertising pros — to jumpstart your thinking and improve your campaigns.

Each card also includes a beautiful image from an artist at that is loosely related to the technique and can be used as a free association prompt for visual thinkers.


As every Adnerd knows, if you want to create award-winning advertising, you have to come up with a lot of ideas. A LOT OF THEM. LIKE HUNDREDS! And then the brief changes and you have to come up with hundreds more. How do we do it?


Those of us who’ve been doing it for a while know how to (fight through the tears and) have a lot of ideas fast. Ideas that are always on-brief yet often seem out-of-nowhere. And when the client kills those, we know how to have more. And more. We are like hired assassins of creativity who seem to have weapons hidden everywhere.

We dissect award-winning ads and reverse-engineer them. We hone in on the benefit and dramatize it, romanticize it, look at it sideways and twist it into a pretzel. Our brains are filled to the brim with techniques that have been scientifically proven to lead to the kind of communications that clean up at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

So we took out our brains, mashed them into a pulp and created a deck of cards people can shuffle through while thinking.