Holiday Slay Shuffle

I’m a Copywriter who has a love for long-form copy. Somewhere between growing up doing country-western line dancing and my love of the holidays, I came up with Holiday Slay Shuffle.

EXPANSION – Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience

EXPANSION is Lexington, KY’s Psychedelic Experience and Music Festival. We pride ourselves on being just as visually-stunning as the music that’s on stage. Lexington has a great, tight-knit creative community of musicians and visual artists and the event gives them both a platform to showcase their work.

Todd Spaulding, Brand Strategist

I’m a comic who’s been working in advertising since 2012, and Todd Spaulding is a brand strategist character I’ve been working on for a while.

Bad Blends

Welcome to Bad Blends – an interactive bad smoothie adventure. You choose what horrible ingredients to put into a smoothie, and I’ll drink it.

Elevator Pitch

Going into the spring of my junior year, I knew I wanted to be in advertising, but I also knew that my portfolio didn’t stack up to a lot of the ad school grads who were applying. The agency I applied to asked its applicants to record their elevator pitch. And I knew that if I were to make something expected, I wouldn’t stand a chance. So I got to work and in two weeks’ time with the help of a couple friends, Elevator Pitch was born. Since then, I’ve used this as my cover letter because I feel like my introduction to an agency should be as nontraditional as I am.

WeWork Street

After noticing a NYC phone booth with a discarded office chair sitting inside, I was inspired to reach out to Improv Everywhere with a stunt idea. WeWork offices are quickly taking over NYC, so it only made sense for them to expand to the underutilized corners of Manhattan– the city’s phone booths. With this thought […]

Oscars “In Memoriam” for the Cancelled

Celebrities and media personalities have been ‘dying off’ (getting cancelled and removed from public life after committing unforgivable acts) at an astronomical rate. As the Oscars approached last year, I thought it would be interesting to create a “Memoriam to the Cancelled” the way The Academy does for celebrities who have actually died.

Joking About My Time in Jail

I’ve been a stand-up comedian since 2013 after I was mugged at gun point and decided I need to follow my dreams.


UCLA Art Sci Center gave me the opportunity to concept + deliver a solo opera performance for the Austrian-based international art/technology festival.

Keep Your Distance

This is a parody music video of Bette Midler’s “From A Distance” made for the quarantine. I made this back in March when the pandemic was in its infancy and felt that it was important to help communicate the need to maintain social distancing and proper hand-washing.