Donald Trumps

Donald Trump’s attitude of tweet before he speaks has dropped him in hot water on many occasions. After 4 turbulent years in office, Donald Trump’s presidency ended with the blocking of all his social media platforms.

The Game

We took America’s favorite news teleprompter and turned it into a board game. The goal is to read the news without laughing. Other players sabotage a mad-libs-style news story, selecting words & phrases like “gyrating” “undiagnosed drip” and “horny cousin” to get the newscaster to break. It’s just a hoot.

It’s On Meet

Since I was a student in Ad School, we were encouraged to network with people in the industry that we admired and we’d like to work for.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Trivia Travel Game

There’s no question that I owe most of my extensive historical knowledge to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989). So when I was approached by Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment to design a board game in Bill & Ted’s honor, with the film rights securely in hand, I strummed my air guitar in excitement.

Your Social Engagement

When it comes to announcing your engagement, there’s no better way to share the news than with a fire hashtag.

Yeah, Art! arts education nonprofit

Arts education needs a serious refresh. Sure, ‘C’ is still in the middle. An 8-count is still eight counts. Red and blue still make purple. But we have to acknowledge the gap between conventional arts education and our students that’s growing wider every year.

No Fish! A Game of Environmental Catastrophe for the Whole Family

My daughter is five years-old. She’s really getting into card games and board games. Earlier this year, she really got into Go Fish! She loved collecting all the sea creatures, and she loved shouting “go fish!” and giggling. I loved watching her. But it pinched a nerve of sadness too because I kept thinking, “by the time she’s my age, there won’t be any fish left in the ocean.”

Riri Tamura Design Online Store

When the pandemic began, I looked for other ways to express my creativity apart from my full time job as an art director. I reignited my passion for hand lettering again and have been using my lettering skills to sell products on Etsy. I currently sell stickers, prints and greeting cards.

Adhouse Of Cards

Brought to you by the Adnerds who teach classes at Adhouse Advertising School, Adhouse Of Cards is a deck of 35 cards designed to help you come up with Big Ideas. Each card includes a prompt — a proven technique used by advertising pros — to jumpstart your thinking and improve your campaigns.

Olas Fuerte

Olas Fuerte® Translated from Spanish meaning Strong Wave, is a Sportswear concept that bridges west coast flavor with an east coast attitude.